Ade Bowen the Writer

Ade loves to write.  He loves creating worlds for readers to explore.  His relaxed storytelling writing style mixes humour and amusing asides to create stories which are as much fun to read as an adult as they are to listen to as a child.  Ade is influenced by Enid Blyton and Douglas Addams.  Ade says “I am a children’s entertainer and a stand-up comedian, and I wanted this to very much be a part of my writing.”



The Astounding Adventure of

Mr Bowns

(The Laziest Man in the World)

Mr Bowns is lazy. Really, really lazy. You may think you are lazy when you veg in front of the TV all day, but that would be a busy day for Mr Bowns. However, Mr Bowns has a great imagination and he makes up wonderful stories, riddles and poems.

One day it is so nice that even he decides to do something. He goes for a walk and is joined by Joanne and Jake, who are the children who live next door. The more they walk, the more they talk, and the more they talk, the more they walk, until they find themselves lost, deep in the woods. In front of them is a spooky cottage. The children ask for directions at the cottage, but neither return. Mr Bowns finds himself with a dilemma. He must rescue the children from the cottage, but how? He is after all, the laziest man in the world. Join Mr Bowns on his astounding adventure, which involves witches, magic, evil cats, talking broomsticks, and friendship.



“An enjoyable tale about friendship, written in a straightforward way which makes it splendidly accessible to young readers.”

Primary Times

Mr Bowns – The Activity Book

Mr Bowns would break out in a cold sweat if he know about all the great activities packed into this book.  The activities follow the adventure of Mr Bowns and the children.  It includes colouring in, puzzles, games, word searches, writing ideas and recipes to enable children to get off their tablets, turn off their TV screens and really interact with the story.


“A work of pure genius”

Brenda Shrewsbury

Astounding Bedtime Stories

 Mr Bowns is very lazy, but he does have an astounding imagination and he creates stories, poems and riddles to entertain children.  This is a collection of some of his stories, including:

The Truth about the Tooth Fairy

The Goblins and the Shoemaker

Timmy the Turtle

Plus a chapter from his own astounding adventure.


“The is fun.  Laugh out loud bedtime reading.”  Sam Harrison