Ade Visits

Schools looking to add a bit of exciting, interactive, and educational fun for the children should definitely check out some packages available from Ade.

Ade is trying to get children away from their tablets and TV screens and into more creative activities.
He is available to go into schools and talk about his books. There are a number of great opportunities available.

A 20 minute interactive session which will explore the importance of using your imagination to tell and write a story, reading extracts from the book and even a bit of magic. Ade talks about being a writer from Weston super Mare and his journey to become a published writer. It is hoped to be inspirational to pupils to see someone local achieve their dreams.

Writing Workshop
This is a practical session that explores characterisation. Together they will look at the character of Mr Bowns and then focus on developing their own unique characters, focusing on using adjectives to make writing more specific and a whole lot more interesting.

Illustrating Workshop
Ade illustrated the book himself and taught art for 12 years. He is able to offer an illustrating workshop which focuses on drawing animated faces based on descriptive text from the book. We look at putting the characters in different situations, discuss the emotions and reactions and draw them.

Writing and Illustrating Workshop
Merging the above workshops, this looks at descriptive writing. Pupils will creating, describing and drawing characters that would fit into the world of Mr Bowns, encouraging pupils to explore a range of adjectives to help flesh out their character and make them more believable.

Preschool Show
Ade can come and visit your pre school setting for free with a brilliant Mr Bowns show. It includes puppets, games, magic and a reading. It lasts around 40 minutes.

If any of these interests you and your school, get in touch to book today.