Reviews are so helpful for getting books noticed and a great way of engaging with an author you like.

For me, I still get a buzz when a new review is posted.  Here are a few that have come in recently from children themselves.

Cadan (8):

“I like your fun ideas for what happens inside the cottage. I like your fabulous idea of the crocappoo. I like the talking wall and the broomstick and how they help Mr Bowns. I would like to find out more about Mr Bowns at the start, like his hobby.  It reminds me of an enchanted forest.”

Carter (6): “The book made me smile. I liked the bit when Jake, Joanne and Mr Bowns found out what friendship can do and they were saved by it. I especially liked how Mr Bowns tricked the broomstick. I would have liked a dragon that breathes out ice and makes an ice slide all the way to Mr Bowns’ house and the dragon slides down it with Jake, Joanne and Mr Bowns on its back.”

With the school lockdown, please get your children to read my book and post their own reviews.