Clevedon Literary Festival

Saturday 12th June is a date to celebrate. ‘Why’ I hear you ask? Because this was the date of my first Literary Festival. Go me!

I attended the first Clevedon Literary Festival in Princess Theatre as a published author, and I had a great time. There was a steady flow of people on a very hot June afternoon. I was there with ‘The Astounding Adventures of Mr Bowns’, the Mr Bowns Activity Book and ‘The Treasure of the Weston Witch’. Also, I had my letter from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, my illustration portfolio and a few magic ticks.

The Event

I performed tricks from the witch book and did my elevator pitch about Mr Bowns. I explained the ‘Don’t be a Lazy Bones’ project and chatted to everyone who would listen. It worked well and I sold a total of 23 books and made some nice contacts in the process.

Not Everyone Was Onboard

Towards the end, there were two children with their mum. I had just explained the Mr Bowns plot and just started to talk about the ‘Don’t Be A Lazy Bones’ project. I said “I am on a quest to encourage children off their tablets and into more physical and creative pass times,” when the mum suddenly stormed off, leaving her two children behind. They look at me very apologetically and followed their mum. The stall holders beside me look on with open mouths. Fifteen minutes later, the family pass me as they leave and I can hear the mum saying “If he is so against devices, how did write the book?”

I would have loved her to come to me, as I happened to have the notebook on me where I am currently writing the latest story. I had pages full of hand written story, notes, illustrations and ideas.

There is a time and a place for tablets and they are really useful, but there is also a time and place for being creative, using your imagination, running around and climbing trees and I stand by that.

Still, it was only one weird occurrence in what was otherwise a really positive event. I made lots of people laugh, so, a big thank you to the Clevedon Literary Festival team for organizing it and a massive thank you to all the families who brought a copy.