Recently I have seen a lot of people on writers chat groups saying “I want to be a writer, but I don’t know if I am good enough”, or “I want to write but I am worried that I will never be a good as {insert successful writers name here}.”

My advice is, just get on with it. Here are some relevant points:
1) If you never start writing, then you will never know how good you are.
2) You will always improve with practice.
3) Whether you are as good as your favourite author or not is TOTALLY irrelevant! Do you think JK Rowling was worried that she might not be as good as Tolkien, or that David Walliams was worried that he would not be a good as Enid Blyton? Of course not. They are their own writers with their own voice and style and stories to tell.

So, my advice is, try; because if you do not try, you definitely will not be as good.

Write for yourself. Write something that you would like to read. Write about what motivates you. Get words and ideas down on paper. Just start. Start, and see where it goes.

Insecurities only exist in your mind, and that is a fact. You may have people around you saying you are not good enough, but it is up to you if you believe them or not. Write something amazing and prove them wrong. Believe in yourself.

JK Rowling freely states that she was turned down by lot’s of publishers before landing a contract and she is quite successful. It took me three years to find a publisher, but in the 1,000 odd days prior to that, not once did I ever think that I was not good enough.

Maybe start small. Write a short story like the ones in my ‘Bedtime Stories’ book, available from  Think of a character and a twist to the story and see what happens.