Hello.  I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy in this current crisis.

I have been keeping very busy.  Home schooling my two children has been the priority, so other work is fitting round this.  Like Joe Wicks is the lock down PE teacher, I set myself up as the lock down art tutor.  On my facebook page I am posting how to draw tutorials and project ideas, and I have gained a lot of new followers this last month, and had over 1,600 hours of videos watched, with some lovely comments from parents saying how much I have inspired their children to draw. The projects can be found on my youtube channel or collected here: https://www.facebook.com/Learn-to-Draw-Kids-111043593862319/

I also started teaching a new online art class based on the human body.  It is a different experience teaching online with my learners at the other end of a screen and not in the same room, but I have had some very positive feedback and the learners are creating amazing work.  So the drawing has been a big element of keeping myself busy.

I have also been trying to write.  I am now a couple of chapters into the second Astounding Adventure book.  This book is introducing new characters and, like any squeal, it has more explosions in it than the first one.  I do not want to give much away at this stage, but I can say that, where Mr Bowns was the laziest man in the world, a new character is the most cowardly goblin.  It is great fun returning to this land I have created and getting to explore it further.  New characters keep introducing themselves as I write; characters that I was not expecting but just appear through the writing process.  For example, there is a new sinister character lurking in the trees that I had no idea existed when planning the story.  I am intrigued to find out how he will influence the story.

I have also edited the Astounding Bedtime Stories book, giving each story a new beginning to anchor it better to Mr Bowns and not just charming short stories.  Unfortunately the lock down has greatly affected my publisher and the publication timescales have all but stopped as he focuses on his own children’s education.  I have been reading these stories out on my new radio show.  Mondays from 3pm on www.wavewsm.co.uk you can catch my family show which is packed with features to make you smile.  Quizzes, jokes, characters, storytelling and party music.  Please give it a try.

But if nothing else, this lock down has given us all time to change gear, look at things from a different perspective, and given us a break from our normal lives.

I do hope you are all safe, well and looking after each other.

Until next time, don’t be a lazy Bowns.