I think we are in week 12 now of lock down.  That is twice the length of the school holidays.  Mr Bowns is considered a national hero.  Normally he lies in bed doing nothing, but now he is showing everyone how to do it.  He is doing online training for how to do nothing.  His course on staring was very popular, and the subscribers to his doing nothing blog are delighted that he has not bothered writing anything.  An inspiration!

Some great news.  I have sold all the stock copies of The Astounding Adventure of Mr Bowns.  I placed a new order last week to top up ready.  I have sold quite a few through my radio show on www.wavewsm.co.uk, where I have been reading chapters of the book and other short stories of mine.  Tune in on Mondays at 4pm to listen to this family friendly fun show with characters, quizzes, fun facts and party music.  This week we had Batman as a special guest!

I am having a great time writing book two.  With Mr Bowns, I did not know what the story was and it just wrote itself as it went along.  With book two, I actually know what the story is, but not how it goes.  By this, I know what I want to happen and where it will end, but I do not know how I am going to get there.  Characters are writing themselves into the story and developing their own personalities without my help.  So far I am almost 3,000 words and about a third of the way through the story.

I have been communicating with my publisher and hopefully soon he will be able to tell me how the online sales have gone.  It was released almost a year ago and I know how many physical copies I have sold, but I have no ideas how many copies have been sold online and as digital downloads.  Could be 5.  Could be 5000.  Probably not 5000, but how cool would that be if it was!

With home schooling, home DIY, writing, teaching online, delivering virtual parties, cycling, walking the dog, networking, developing a new show and starting a tik tok account, I am keeping busy.  I hope you are staying busy yourself, although don’t tell Mr Bowns that.

Stay safe.