Lazy Bones

Switch off your TV and tablets and do something creative together.

Ade can run a 2.5 hour creative workshop for children, parents and grandparents to work together.

It is an exciting session designed to inspire pupils and parents to discover and encourage more creative pass times together and give their TV’s and tablets a rest.  The workshop includes magic, puppets and games.  Children will work with adults to create creatures and people that could live in the same magical world as Mr Bowns.  They will be encouraged to explore adjectives to make their writing more interesting and specific and use their artistic skills to illustrate it.

The family groups will work together to create and write a short story featuring their new character.  These stories will then be published in a collection of stories from other projects and every family will be given a copy.  It is hoped that having their name published in print will install a love of writing and inspire them to continue writing and enjoying stories.

Every family attending also get a free copy of the Mr Bowns Activity Book.  Packed with great ideas, including games, stories, word searches, recipes and more.  This project is grant funded and free to schools which match the funding criteria.


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