The Witch of Weston
2020 Halloween may not be remembered as the most exciting one of all time. However, it did see the launch of a new book. The Treasure of the Weston Witch started off as a spooky story for me to tell at a Halloween event I organsied with Play Wild. With trick or treating seeming unlikely, we teamed up to provide a covid safe event. It included games, fire pit, marshmallow toasting, competitions spooky storytelling and lots of sweeties.

Writing the book
As I was writing the story and adding magic tricks in to the act, it occurred to me that I could create a book of the story that contained magic tricks. Printing the one book would cost about £35. I decided to print more books to bring the unit price down and then sell the books.

It worked a treat. The Treasure of the Weston Witch has been brought by parents wanting to give their children something special. This makes up for not being able to go trick or treating this year.

The plot
The book is based on the legend of an actual witch that lived in Weston 210 years ago. The legend says that a Farmer called Ernest Brown was rude to the witch, so she put a curse on him. My story says that the farmer decided to take his revenge on the witch and steal her treasure. The book has three self working magic tricks as part of the plot, and my performance had a few other tricks added in to wow and amuse the audience.

I have a about ten books left if anyone wants to grab a copy for some spooky family reading in these darker Autumn nights. Get in touch.