Dark Chronicles of Weston-super-Mare

The new book is a spooky selection of short stories, released in time for Halloween.

‘Dark Chronicles of Weston super Mare’, a collection of children’s horror stories based in or around my home town of Weston.

It contains three spooky stories. The first is about two children who arrive in Victorian Weston by horse drawn train on a full moon, but when their uncle fails to pick them up, they end up on a harrowing adventure that could cost them their lives.

The second story was written by my daughter when she was 11. It is about the monster under the bed. This story was runner up in a national book writing competition last year and she was the youngest entry.

The last story is about a teenage boy and what happens when the scary creature from his nightmares does not stay in your head.

The book is available to order at just £4.99 by emailing me.

Mr Bowns