Happy birthday Mr Bowns.

Mr book, The Astounding Adventure of Mr Bowns’ has been out for a year.

Over the last year I have had the pleasure of going into schools and preschools. I have organised launch events around Somerset. I have had a letter from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge thanking me for their copy of the book. I have been invited as a VIP guest back into my primary school to open their new library, and my secondary school to inspire the children attending.

I released the bedtime stories book for Christmas. I have been interviewed on a number of radio stations and I have even been reading my stories on my own radio show every Monday. A highlight is definitely when child dressed as Mr Bowns for World Book Day after buying the book from my visit to his class assembly. So pleased that he loved the book that much, and his costume was brilliant.

I have sold almost 1,000 books through the physical sales, online sales and downloads.

I am not as famous or rich as I want to be yet, but it has been a blast. I also want to say a special ‘Hi’ to Tom and Julie, who always read these blogs. Thanks for your support guys

.1st anniversary